Creating Calm in the Chaos


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Conversations for Teens on Bainbridge

Creating Calm in the Chaos

Conversations for Teens on Bainbridge

Want To? Feel more confident in social settings? Open up your intuition? Learn how to protect your energy to feel safer? Learn easy ways to manage your emotions?  Learn the most efficient ways to calm down? Feel more like YOU?

Want to?
Feel more confident in social settings? Open up your intuition? Learn how to protect your energy to feel safer? Learn easy ways to manage your emotions? Learn the most efficient ways to calm down? Feel more like YOU?

In these 4 Weeks you will learn how to activate your calming center of the body with these easy techniques!

Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping



HeartMath Breathing Techniques

Creating Calm in the Chaos:  Life Hacks for Success and Happiness

Creating Calm in the Chaos:  Conversations with Teens
Grades:  6th – 9th Grade

4-Week Program
Open Enrollment – 4 Week Blocks
Time:  4:00 – 5:15 p.m. on Thursdays 
Location: Hummingbird Yoga Studio, In Coppertop, Bainbridge Island, WA >>
Cost:  $140


Grades:  10th – 12th Grade course is currently unavailable. If you’re interested, please email us

4-Week Program 
Open Enrollment – 4 Week Blocks
Time:  4:00 – 5:15 p.m.
Location: Hummingbird Yoga Studio, In Coppertop, Bainbridge Island, WA >>
Cost:  $140

Please reach out with any questions

Conversation with Teens – Weekly Topics

In this class, you will meet your peers, decide on the ground rules, and learn about HeartMath. You will be connected to sensors and be able to watch your own heart’s rhythm displayed on a computer monitor. With this,  you will learn how emotional states affect your nervous system and simple breathing techniques to calm you.  BTW: Students love this!

In this class, you will learn how your emotions are connected to your thoughts and your thoughts to your beliefs. You will learn about your body’s vagus nerve and how the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/ Tapping and Psych-K help you master your emotions and shift negative belief forms. Simple movements to music to balance the energies in your body are included.

In this week, you will learn about your 5 subtle energy bodies, i.e. your auric field, and how we absorb energies into these subtle fields during childhood. These energies can prevent us from being our Best Self. You will learn how to identify and clear them in simple ways.

This week, you will explore the importance of feeling connected to Mother Earth. You will learn the science behind Earthing, the simple practice of directly touching the Earth’s surfaces to increase positive feelings about yourself and others. You will learn why the new fad, Forest Bathing is effective in reducing depression and anxiety. Through a 3-Card story process, you will write a new story about yourself and your future.

The Science Behind Our Program

Children with a toned vagal nerve are more resilient, more empathetic, calm, and focused. Breathwork, movements, vocal toning, and other techniques known to build resiliency are taught each week. 

Psych-K is a powerful technique to shift limiting beliefs into life affirming beliefs. Dr. Paula Petry received training in this model in 2015 and has witnessed its effectiveness through her many workshops with teachers, youth, and parents.

HeartMath practices are incorporated throughout the four weeks. Sonja Fritts became a certified HeartMath instructor in 2018.


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