Paula Petry, PhD, is an author, educator, healer, spiritual advisor, and mentor. She helps you connect with your inner wisdom and remove blockages to create an enriching path forward.

Paula Petry, PhD blends her academic training in education and psychology with the wisdom she gained through her deep self-exploration and healing journey. Her studies and expertise in energy medicine, life coaching, sound healing, akashic records, the Enneagram, and leadership development become apparent for all who work with her.

With her 1-2-1 sessions she engages with those ready to receive and integrate new knowledge and new ways of seeing. Who are ready to commit to self-discovery and their healing journey. Open to new possibilities and at the same time have a discerning eye — gauging what is best for their own self.

Individual Healing Session

Paula’s healing sessions are grounded in the knowing that the relief the client is seeking – the solution to the emotional grief, hurt, pain, confusion and/or physical pain – lies in the body – not in the mind. She also knows that everything that is in the body is also held on the body’s luminous energy field also called the auric field.

As such, Paula begins the session by helping the client connect with their body and their inner experience — to self-discover and share what they are noticing.

Their inner experience and sharing expands effortlessly, weaving together a hidden story – a set of beliefs and experiences that are at the root of the dis-ease and one of the very reasons for the client’s visit. Now identified, named, and described – these energetic imprints can be transmuted – lifted from the client’s luminous energy field.

Resources are gifted from the invisible dimension in the form of spirit animals, geometric symbols, and other images to help integrate the healing and expand one’s connection with self.

Session Length
Each session is 90 minutes. Three sessions have shown to deepen the release significantly. The mind and body are able to relax more fully knowing more support is on its way. 

Individuals engaged in working with Paula may also choose to have an akashic record reading, a life coaching session or mentoring. 

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You can learn about Paula’s healing journey as she traversed through the tragic death of her child, her divorce and the disruption that followed, in her recently published memoir. Now Available on Audible.


Paula has an innate ability to track and release patterns and energies that aren’t serving us in our lives. She is compassionate, insightful, and intuitive. Paula’s “tune ups” are invaluable in my life. As the outside world becomes more chaotic, I remain in peace and centered with Paula’s support. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Patricia San Pedro
4-time Emmy Award winner / Harper Collins Author
CEO San Pedro Productions

I am doing really good. This week I had meaningful conversations with my wife. I landed a new client. I can’t recognize the person I seemed to be a couple of weeks ago anymore.


Author Speaker Naming Expert 

I have known Dr. Paula Petry personally for over thirty years and I have worked with her professionally for the past fifteen years. Paula is now a gifted healer, medium, medicine practitioner and spiritual advisor. I have worked with Paula for spiritual readings and healings and have been able to “cut the cord” to unhealthy people and patterns in my life. She also worked with my daughter, Katie, who has the ability to connect with the spiritual world and helped her understand and embrace her gift. What I most appreciate about her is that her gift and skills are genuine. I firmly believe in her and the information she imparts to me. Paula is the “real deal.” She has a calm presence and a sense of knowing about her. You feel safe with her.

Judith Coughlin, Ph.D.
Nova Southeastern University

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