Paula’s Shamanic Energy Sessions

What makes Paula’s energy sessions so effective?

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There are four unique characteristics about Paula’s Sessions.

  1. A Clear Channel because she has done her own inner work. Paula’s inner work has been extensive and has come through many forms. She first benefited from years of leading parent to parent support groups. She then served as the Training Director of an interdisciplinary training program at a renowned medical school in Miami, Florida, teaching and being exposed to thousands of hours of content in areas of medicine, psychology, social work, leadership, and early childhood development. Her doctoral dissertation in Teaching and Learning, defended in 2008 from the University of Miami, focused on accountability and family empowerment. She personally benefitted from years of cognitive therapy and psychoanalysis before she began her training in what has been twelve years of shamanic healing practices and other alternative medicine modalities. She continues to dive deep into the psyche – currently studying Jungian archetypes and Jungian dream interpretations through a Jungian institute. 
  2. Exceptional Ability to Track & Identify thoughts, behavioral patterns and family imprints that are roadblocks to achieving one’s dreams and aspirations. This ability comes from her continual inner work and ability to receive guidance from Spirit while working with the individual. It is achieved through deep listening to the memories that are revealed and wounds that are ‘seen’. Once energies are identified, they can be released from the individual’s luminous energy field. 
  3. Strong Alliances with the archetypes associated with the shamanic tradition she was initiated in, her personal guide, 7 Earth Grandmothers, Arch Angel Michael, and numerous animal spirits. Spirit, Paula, and the individual form a powerful triad of energy to break up dense energies, cut co-dependency like cords, and retrieve lost aspects of self. 
  4. Her memoir and on-line course are available to dive deeper and help individuals understand and integrate the energy medicine sessions. Paula’s memoir, A Mother’s Courage to Awaken and her course, Awaken to Action: Applying the Medicine Wheel to Discover Your New North Star are designed to aide individuals’ journey back to their primordial nature, divine essence. In the Quest, all things become possible, synchronicities flourish, and magic becomes real.

What Happens During the Initial Session? 

In an initial Session, Paula first completes a standard intake process. This flows into a conversation about your expectations for the session(s) and in general what motivated you to seek assistance. Paula explains the general process and you are given the opportunity to ask questions. She then begins to track for patterns and imprints. During this process, the underlying emotion related to your interest in the Session is discussed. Once the emotion is identified, you are asked to track it in your body and to remember an earlier time in life when you felt similar. You are then asked to go back to an even earlier time. A limiting emotional/behavioral pattern emerges from this process. This awareness alone greatly contributes to increased emotional freedom.

As the memories are activated you are asked to identify where that emotion lives in the body. Most people can immediately identify the area of their body, i.e. heart, stomach, head. Those with generalized anxiety often state that they feel it everywhere. The purpose of this process is to create an awareness of the emotional/behavioral pattern and to activate the negative/heavy energy in the body so it can be released through the healing process.

Next as you visualize healing energy entering through your crown chakra with each breath, Dr. Petry calls upon her spirit guides and yours. She enters non-ordinary time which facilitates her ability to ‘see’ your luminous energy field and remove existing non-beneficial energies. Through the power of intention and spiritual assistance, heavy energies are lifted from the body through the chakra portals. This part of the session is from 20 to 60 minutes. Rhythmic sounds facilitate the process.

The session ends with a discussion about your experience and guidance for integrating the new energies.
Each session is 1.5 hours in length.

How does each session differ?

The map of the invisible world is the same, but the Territory differs. In the vast quantum field, there exists a central axis that connects the Lower World, Middle World and Upper Worlds. You can read more about those distinctions by clicking here. In these distinct dimensions, different things are achieved. For example:

  • Extraction of dark intrusive entities
  • Clearing heavy energy such as guilt, remorse, anger, and shame
  • Retrieval of lost aspects of Self
  • Identify your Animal Spirit
  • Commune with your Guides
  • Travel to the North Star to activate – put in motion – a dream project, specific endeavor
  • Commune with your Elders with whom you planned this lifetime
  • More fully ground yourself into Mother Earth
  • Decouple – deactivating your Fight Flight or Freeze response
  • Open your Akashic Records to receive direct guidance on specific life concerns
  • Visit your Sacred Garden to create and give birth to new Life