North Direction Course Begins December 1, 2022

Course Series Overview

AWAKEN, step by step, seizing the courage to peel away the layers of toxic emotions, limiting beliefs, and worn-out family patterns. Heal and gain access to your inner compass, to become the Hero of your own story, experience greater and greater levels of joy and abundance.

Dr. Petry’s course is a proven approach to reduce the impact of stress, heal inner wounds, shift limiting beliefs, find self-acceptance, and discover your inner compass.


North Direction – Awaken Your Mind

For Four Weeks – starting December 1, 2022 we will gather together to learn, share, and support each other in an awakening process.

Virtual – 5 pm PST (8 pm EST)
December 1 to December 22nd – Thursdays at 8 PM EST

Course Overview:

Across indigenous traditions, for the Medicine Wheel, the Mind is associated with distinct cardinal directions. The North direction in the Peruvian Q’ero tradition, the lineage I was initiated into, is associated with the Mind and embodies the Seer, the awakening of all our senses and the ability to see beyond this physical realm. The work in the North Direction helps us re-remember we are co-creators with Source; responsible for our own destiny.  The animal totem for the North Direction is the royal hummingbird.

Content Covered: 

In the North Direction, you expand your courage as you work with Hummingbird energy to heal your 3rd Chakra, discovering the nectar that is yours to source from. Discover the power of your Mind – experience the Quantum Field, as you direct energy to heal yourself and others.

  • The power of Breath to awaken your intuitive abilities
  • Step into the North Direction – Soul/Mind
  • Learn about Toning & your Third Chakra
  • Discover the nectar that is yours to source from
  • Learn how to direct your thoughts for the healing of others
  • Learn about your primary archetypes
  • Learning your roles – your road to freedom
  • Journey into the Upper Realm to a crystalline city to be bathed in loving energy to renew and restore
  • Create a North Star intention for your Mind

Introductory content included:

  • Learn about the history and healing power of nature’s four elements, earth, fire, water, and air. 
  • Learn about your subtle energy field and why it is important
  • Learn how to clear your subtle energy field with sound vibration
  • Learn how to create sacred space and clear heavy energies from your environments

What you’ll receive in This Course Level 

  • Live Sessions in Community with Dr. Paula Petry
  • Reflective Expressive Arts Practices
  • PDF Teaching Documents
  • MP3 Files to Supplement Lessons
  • Questionnaires to Track Your Progress

North Direction – Awaken Your Body Course Starts December 1, 2022 // Virtual –  5 pm PST (8 pm EST)

Upcoming Courses

East Direction – Awaken Your Spirit

Content Covered: In the North Direction you expand your courage as you work with Hummingbird energy to heal your 3rd Chakra, discovering the nectar that is yours to source from. Discover the power of your Mind as you direct energy to heal self and others. The Enneagram Quiz unlocks your Soul Type, giving you access to key soul-level imprints.

  • Learn how to stimulate the flow of your kundalini energy with breath and an ancient chant
  • Step into the East Direction – Spirit – and dream courageously to create the life you want – not only for yourself but for others
  • Learn about the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor
  • Learn about your 4th Chakra and the ancient practice of the Ho’oponono prayer, the practice of forgiveness
  • Vocal Toning & Your 4th Chakra
  • Find Yourself in the Hero’s Journey
  • Track your Spirit TimeLine
  • Journey to the North Star to meet with an Avatar, an enlightened being, to open up to Love and to be reminded that we are Carriers of Light – In Class
  • Create a North Star intention for your Spiritual life

About Paula

Dr. Paula Petry brings her compassion, empathy, and inner knowing into every communication, generating an extraordinary learning experience for participants. She has a doctoral degree in Teaching & Learning, is a certified Light Body Practitioner with training in Jungian Dream Analysis, Sound Healing, Psych-K, and archetypal forms of energy. Evaluation results consistently show decreased stress and anxiety and increased levels of joy.

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Ancient Methods of Healing Bring You Closer to the Other Side

“Dr. Paula Petry shares her extremely personal and fascinating journey in A Mother’s Courage to Awaken, a book that, regardless of your personal experiences or beliefs, is bound to resonate with some aspect of your life.” ­– Gloria Estefan

A Mother’s Courage to Awaken tells a story about the love and loss of a child―and the healing quest it initiated. On her search for inner peace, professor Paula Petry, PhD looks to re-emerging ancient methods that nurture positive emotional health, mental wellness, and spiritual well-being.