Keynotes, Lectures & Presentations

Paula is a naturally talented speaker who has inspired thousands of people through her authentic, invigorating, and inspirational messages. Following her presentations, people are empowered to take action that align with their inner passions, dreams, and desires. 

Paula’s keynote presentations, workshops, courses, lectures are all based on the themes in her book,

A Mother’s Courage to Awaken: Finding Hope and Inspiration with my Daughter in the After Life, released through Mango Publishing in October 2020.

General Themes Include: 

  • Healing Pathways 
  • Finding the Courage to Awaken
  • The Hero’s Journey Through the Eyes of:
    • Parenthood
    • Death of a Child 
    • Generalized Grief & Loss
    • Raising a child with a disability
  • The Wizard of OZ
    • Dorothy’s Inward Journey & You 
    • Ways to Ignite Your Inner Power
    • Retrieving Your Heart, Courage, and Brain 
  • Evidence of Life After Death 
  • The Law of Attraction: Creating More Goodness in Your Life 
  • Magic is Real: The Science that Explains Telepathy, the Paranormal, Power of Prayer, and Energy Medicine
  • How to De-Stress & Your Vagal Nerve
Classroom Curriculum for Elementary & Middle School-Age Children: The Medicine Wheel  — a Tool for self-understanding, self-acceptance, compassion, kindness, and mindfulness. 
This curriculum teaches the core tenets of the Medicine Wheel as a tool for children to connect with their greater self and to learn about and appreciate all aspects of their selves and others. 

The curriculum is available September 2020. Email to discuss your interest in bringing this to your school.