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Your Enneagram & the Crystal Realm of the 17th Dimension

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Dr. Leigh Kapps joins Dr. Paula Petry in this 1.5 Hour Spiritual Teaching. Learn about Enneagrams, as you learn about Leigh’s and Paula’s Enneagrams and how one’s Enneagram, Soul Type, informs one’s life choices and decisions. The teaching ends with a journey into the Lower World to retrieve a lost part of Self.

Energy Medicine Session

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With energy medicine, her unique gift is her ability to ‘see’ and track back that which the individual is feeling/experiencing emotionally at the time. With assistance from Dr. Paula’s many spirit guides, including 7 Indigenous Grandmothers, she extracts energetic patterns – imprints often rooted in early trauma and ancestral belief systems. 

  • Upstate New York
  • Miami, Florida
  • Virtual
Regular Session Cost $275 
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