Awaken to Action: Applying the Medicine Wheel to Discover Your New North Star

What You’ll Receive

Three 75- Minute Live Course Sessions with Dr. Paula Petry

This is a self study course, and it is easy to navigate through the online materials. In addition, there are three dynamic live sessions of healing love and light with Dr. Paula Petry. During these sessions, you will come into stillness, receive teaching moments, authentically share, and go on powerful shamanic journeys to connect with your spirit guides and your inner wisdom. Personal growth is magnified in these sessions, as you discover hidden aspects of yourself. 

Reflective Expressive Arts Practices for Each Session

Expressive arts practices are woven throughout the course. This approach to learning and self-discovery gives one’s internal process physical form which creates new understandings and a greater freedom to make life-affirming decisions. The expressive arts is an integrative approach, allowing for different simultaneous sensory experiences which allows a creative process to override linear thinking – sparking the imagination and giving way to new expression, uncovering aspects of self that had not been seen before.

PDF Teaching Documents for Each Session

Teaching documents give you access to new learning about the medicine wheel’s history, meaning, and applicability to your own life. Other content areas that are described in detail and in printable PDF format include: chakra system, auric field, shamanic practices, archetypes, Enneagram soul profiles, and a comprehensive list of resources for going forward.

MP3 Files to Supplement the Sessions

Six downloadable MP3 files are provided to support your self-exploration. They include: Sacred Garden journey, Tree Meditation, Meet Your Supernatural Ally, Drumming to Create Your Own Journey, How Toning Works to Create Wellbeing and Practice Toning Each Chakra. Having them to revisit has been found to be helpful.

Session One & Two

In these two sessions you will …

  • Learn about the history and mystery of the ancient Medicine Wheel & its 7 Directions
  • Learn about the Hero’s Journey to Reframe Your Life’s Story
  • Learn about your subtle energy field and why it is important
  • Learn how to clear your subtle energy field with sound vibration
  • Step into the South Direction – Physical
  • Track your physical and environmental Timeline to release blockages, family imprints, and limiting cyclical behavioral patterns
  • Learn how to create sacred space and clear heavy energies from your environments
  • Learn how to step out of ordinary time and space through the power of imagination and intention
  • Create a North Star intention for your Physical body

Session Three

In this session you will …

  • Experience how the Breath of Fire can be used to clear your own LEF
  • Step into the West Direction – Emotion
  • Track your personal Emotion Timeline
  • Experience how to track emotions and feelings in the body and release stuck energies
  • Identify your personal 8 primary archetypes and engage them to work FOR you – not against
  • Journey into the Lower World to meet you spirit animal as a lifetime ally
  • Create a North Star intention for your Emotional body

Session Four

In this session you will discover …

  • The power of Breath to awaken your intuitive abilities
  • Step into the North Direction – Soul/Mind
  • Discover the nectar that is yours to source from
  • Learn how to direct your thoughts for the healing of others
  • Learn how to interpret your soul profile, your Enneagram
  • Discover how your Enneagram has shaped your life and integrate those core attributes into your awareness and onto your Timeline
  • Journey into the Upper Realm to a crystalline city to be bathed in loving energy to renew and restore
  • Create a North Star intention for your Mind

Session Five

In this session you will …

  • Learn how to stimulate the flow of your kundalini energy with breath and an ancient chant
  • Step into the East Direction – Spirit – and dream courageously to create the life you want – not only for yourself but for others
  • Track your Spiritual life on your Timeline
  • Journey into the Upper Realm to meet your elders to consult about your new North Star – your
  • soul’s journey forward
  • An expressive arts representation of your inner North Star
  • Create a North Star intention for your Spiritual development

Session Six and Seven

In this session you will …

  • Connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky to bring in the earth’s and the sun’s energy to ground and energize
  • Receive the energetic transmission of the 13th Rite of the Womb
  • Journey to meet the 7 Earth Grandmothers who will assist you in manifesting your New North Star
  • Connect with your Awakened Self in the center of your Medicine Wheel
  • Create your Map to your North Star using a 6-Step Expressive arts process

Expected Course Outcomes

  • Accessing multiple forms of knowing
  • Feeling unlimited
  • Boosting immunity and well-being
  • Reducing stress and feeling peaceful
  • Healing body aches and developing the ability to heal many kinds of ailments
  • Cultivating resiliency and adaptability
  • Integrating heart, mind and body and creating balance
  • Connecting with a community of like-hearted people
  • Feelings of joy and gratitude
  • Sense of purpose and meaning
  • Clear path forward that is uniquely yours

Wisdom and Knowledge You will Receive

  • Medicine Wheel’s history, purpose, and personal applications
  • Your personal Archetypes
  • Your Enneagram – your soul’s profile
  • Your power animal and its significance
  • Your primary gifts and purpose in this lifetime
  • Activation of your pineal gland – your connector to inner wisdom
  • Identification of core cyclical patterns in your life
  • Connection with your vast self/higher self/divine self/core essence
  • An expressive arts representation of your quantum field – past/present/future
  • A 6- Part Soul Map to Your New North Star

Course Structure

Each of the Seven sessions has approximately 1 hour of reading materials, one hour of reflective processes, and at three separate intervals 75 minutes of virtual class time. These three components are woven together purposefully to help you maximize the teachings of the Medicine Wheel. Completing the reading and processes in order is beneficial, but not essential. Your 75 minute live virtual class is facilitated by Dr. Paula Petry. It begins with a short meditation followed by a teaching, group sharing, and a shamanic journey.

What Others Have Experienced?

In 2012, Dr. Petry partnered with a renown evaluation and measurement consult to create a questionnaire, The Joyful Living Questionnaire) to measure the effectiveness of Dr. Petry’s workshops, retreats, and conferences. Given the widespread increase in anxiety, depression, and stress, we wanted to create programs designed to decrease these symptoms while increasing people’s levels of joy and inner peace.

Over the past 12 years, we have been amazed to the degree to which our programs create positive shifts in people’s lives. The process of journeying inward within a loving, supportive, and non-judgmental environment and with new tools – people experience an inner awakening that results in a significant positive shift in their fundamental outlook on life. In addition, as their level of joy rose – their medical symptoms decreased. Quantifying these types of changes through pre and post questionnaires is important for the integration of these practices into the mainstream society.

Course Price: 

  • Full Course Cost $375
    • Shamanic Energy 1 on 1 Session Included ($200 Savings)
  • COVID-19 Reduced rate $275
  • Reduced rate for those experiencing financial hardship because of the crisis $175
  • Super reduced rate for those hit by the crisis $75

Caregiver stress can have a significant negative impact on health. For that reason, I am offering scholarships for families who have a loved one with a developmental disability or other special needs.

Email for details.