Experiencing Murphy & the Quantum Field

In November 2022, I attended the Science of Consciousness – Making Wyrd the Norm Conference led by Peter Merry, Director of Innovation at Ubiquity University. The conference was held at the Broughton Sanctuary, a 3,000-acre estate in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales in the United Kingdom.

At the conference, I met Murphy – the machine you see in the video. Murphy was developed as part of a large Global Consciousness Research project conducted by Robert G.Jahn and Brenda J. Dunne, School of Engineering, Princeton University beginning in the late 70s. Murphy was designed to help determine whether one’s consciousness (thoughts, intention, and emotions) has an effect on matter – has an effect outside of self. Murphy was recently relocated to the Broughton Sanctuary to provide ongoing teachings about the Dunne and Jahn research findings.

As you watch the video you will notice the balls fall such that at the bottom they form a perfect bell curve – the balls peak high in the center with a Left and Right tail of equal measure. They will always form a bell curve, also called a Gaussian distribution. Unless ….

While at the conference we experimented with Murphy. Six of us stood in front of him – came into resonance and silently asked Murphy to send the balls to the Left. The balls skewed Left!! There were 30+ more balls on the Left tail than the Right tail once all the balls fell.

The only ‘thing’ between Murphy and ourselves was the Quantum Field — the mysterious interconnecting highway upon which our thoughts travel. This place of nonlocality, where time and space can collapse into one.

As a shamanic energy medicine practitioner, I already knew what I saw to be true. People seeking my help are vast distances away and at the same time right here on my massage table. Healing energy pours into their luminous energy field by coming into resonance with them and by setting the intention to be of service.

However, there was a power that day in witnessing – what I already knew, in such a concrete matter-of-fact way. The evidence of the interconnectedness of all beings – of a Quantum Field – was at the bottom of the trough. The balls had skewed left — as they had done during decades of research at Princeton. Another truth held true that day, “Ask and you will receive”.

What we think, feel, and intend has an effect beyond ourselves. Interestingly, a newly-in-love couple has the greatest effect size on Murphy.

Give this all a big think!! Reach out if you would like to discuss or learn how I am teaching this to today’s hurting Youth. They need the information and are ready!

To learn more about Murphy follow this link: https://wyrdexperience.org


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